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Ross Mason
Title: Director


Ross was one of the founders of Mason Lawyers in 2001.

After completing high school at Waratah High, Ross commenced as a clerk at Wood Roberts Solicitors at Mayfield.  The early years of Ross’ legal career were spent as a student clerk, working full time whilst studying law by correspondence.  In those early years, Ross’ practice was predominantly for mums and dads in Wills, Estates and Conveyancing. 

Ross’ early career was the foundation for his strong commitment to providing quality services to mums and dads.

“My focus for Mason Lawyers is to maintain a good old fashioned suburban practice, embedded in the community and providing services close to where people work and live, with the added benefit of specialist lawyers that are typically only available in larger firms.

The best of both worlds – your local lawyer, with specialists available to help when needed.”

After completing his initial degree, Ross went on to complete a Masters in Corporate, Commercial & Taxation Law.  With the completion of those further studies, Ross’ personal practice moved more into the commercial and corporate sphere.

“I am commercially minded and focused on achieving a commercial outcome for my clients as soon as possible, to let them get on with their own life without the stress of a continuing legal matter.

In litigation matters, this means trying to resolve a dispute on commercial terms as soon as possible.  Having said that, if a matter cannot be resolved on commercial terms, I am more than happy to fight tooth and nail to achieve a result through the Courts.”

Ross has a down to earth approach, that puts clients at ease.


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My dispute : (Michael)
Ross was very courteous and re-assuring. He explained everything in a way that was easy to understand.

My litigation matters : (Jeff Negra)
Excellent result - keep doing what you are doing.