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Kasey Stewart
Title: Senior Lawyer


Family breakdown can be a scary and isolating time. Emotions tend to run high, whether your family law breakdown involves property, children or both.

Kasey's approach to family law is to get you through this period of your life as quickly and cost effectively as possible, without unnecessarily compromising your goals.

Even though you and your partner are no longer living together, your parenting relationship may continue on for many years. Kasey appreciates that once your dispute has resolved, you may need to communicate with one another directly, so if possible she will try and keep negotiations as amicable and friendly as possible. The first step in most family law matters is to try and reach an agreement with your former partner, either informally or through mediation. If you are able to reach an agreement, the good news is that Kasey can help you obtain court orders to formalise your agreement without the need to set foot in a court room.

For those couples who are unable to reach an agreement, an application to a family court may be necessary. Kasey has extensive experience in the preparation of family law applications and court appearances and can assist you in every step along the way.

"I became a family lawyer because I enjoy getting to know my clients. Every family is different and I enjoy the challenge of achieving the best possible outcome for you and your family."

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My divorce : (Jeff Hall)
During such a low point in my life, the one thing that I could count on was all of the information that I was given at all stages of my matter. I was very impressed with the advice that Kasey provided. She listened to what I wanted and put my interests first!

My family law matter : (Clare)
Kasey was so nice and kind. She listened to me and helped me when I needed guidance. Thank you so much!

My family law matter : (Anita)
A "BIG" thankyou to you for all that you have done for my girls & I. Your support throughout this massive ordeal has been fabulous and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your expertise. Thanks Kasey, from the bottom of my heart.

My Parenting Matter : (Stevie-lee)
I just wanted to thank you again - this means so much to us and our future. You have gone above and beyond kept me informed the whole way and just been extremely helpful... I don't have the words honestly.